Fundraiser Update–And It’s All Good News!

6 Feb

Last fall and winter 2011, nearly 100 people from all across the United States and overseas donated a total of $6,620 to support building new classrooms and help complete a national sign language dictionary and grammar DVD project. Here’s an update on what’s happened so far with your generous support of Rohana Special School and Ruhunu Sumaga Circle of the Deaf.

Rohana Special School

The bulk of the donations went to Rohana Special School to build new classrooms in their older second-story building. They had a month-long holiday in December and used all that free time to turn a large hall into individual classrooms with bright windows and beautiful wooden partitions. See the before/after photos below:



There are more photos of the new classrooms in the Flickr slideshow below:

Ruhunu Sumaga Circle of the Deaf

RSCD, the deaf association that represents hundreds of deaf and hard of hearing in the Matara district in southern Sri Lanka, has been hard at work developing their sign language dictionary and grammar DVD project. This DVD is aimed at teachers of deaf children working in more than a dozen deaf/special schools nationwide. They (and I) believe that one of the most effective ways to improve deaf education is to have teachers who not only are well-trained, but who can sign well.

Thanks to your support, they received a much-needed cash infusion of more than $1,000 to keep this project going. Here is a thank you letter from RSCD. These money will go to purchase audiovisual and IT equipment including video/graphic cards, a HDMI video capture card, an external HD, as well as paying daily expenses (travel and meals) for the members of the sign language research group. When the footage and editing are complete, RSCD will print 3,000 DVDs and distribute them free of charge to schools and teachers nationwide.

Below are some photos of them hard at work at RSCD’s headquarters located about a mile from Rohana Special School. The research group includes a team of Sri Lankan students who are being trained in sign linguistics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Center for Sign Linguistics and Deaf Studies.

How about that? Remember, YOU made all of this happen! I’m deeply grateful for all of your support for these two organizations. If you have any questions or comments, please post them below or contact me directly. Thank you!

2 Responses to “Fundraiser Update–And It’s All Good News!”

  1. jill 06. Feb, 2012 at 11:56 am #

    Beautiful transformation. Hope you are all proud of what just a few people with a great idea can do to make positive changes.
    I’m very impressed and proud.

  2. Darren Frazier 06. Feb, 2012 at 7:29 pm #

    Incredible, Adam. Just incredible. I’d love for your idea to happen in here, Cambodia, too. There isn’t a deaf school in Khmer Sign Language right now. :-( Nevertheless, I must say, the world needs people like you. Warmest from Kampot, Cambodia.