True Giving

True giving is the most wonderful of things
To give cleanly without debt
To give without having taken first
To give to their not your need
To give something you value without recourse
To give without creating bitterness in another
To give without offending cultures
To give without leaving conditions
To give silently and not take fame in giving
To give without taking the dignity of the benefactor
This is the way of true giving

To not give truly is not to give
To give with a plaque is to indebt
To give publicly is an exchange of value
To give without empathy is to take dignity
To give with conditions is to employ
To give having taken is to trade
To give unfairly is to divide
To give hope that cannot be sustained is to disappoint
To give without value is to dispose
To give to your need is to profit
To give a debt is to enslave

Only the wisest have achieved true giving
Have learnt to give with trust
And leave the greatest gift of dignity

John Jeffcock, (c) 2005